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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Many small and medium-sized businesses don't realize the tax incentives and rebates they qualify for. As a result, many leave substantial amounts of money on the table, without even realizing it. Our experts at Fig Leaf Financial Group can help you identify and capitalize on these opportunities so you can maximize your financial growth.

  • Health & Wellness Program: In partnership with Health Compass, we offer a robust suite of wellness benefits, from 24/7 Telemedicine to Stress Management, fully funded by FICA tax savings. Better health means increased employee attendance, productivity, and retention, plus lower insurance costs.
  • Tax Reduction Strategies: Discover rebates, incentives, and other programs to reduce your tax liability, such as R&D Tax Credit, Utility Cost Reduction, Employee Retention Credit, Cost Segregation, and Work Opportunity Tax Credits.
  • High Net Worth Strategies: We provide succession planning, trusts, premium finance, 401K review, buy-sell agreements, and more for business owners and CEOs.
  • Strategic Partnership: Benefit from our collaboration with industry leaders that help bring tax-saving strategies to small and medium-sized businesses.